Structured, sexy, and sensual. Slight touches of menswear incorporated and totally designed for the modern woman, this collaboration is something like a dream and the outfits above are my choice picks. I've had my antennas out for a well-designed and affordable velvet two-piece tux for a few years now and I'm curious to bring these home so I can wear them to every holiday party I will ever attend for the rest of my life. 

Not to single out Target but while we're on the topic: why not expand your sizing and increase your profits tenfold? It's a win-win for everyone then, no?




As a devotee of loose clothing and baggy pants, I was positively hysterical when boyfriend jeans started flooding the shops. I immediately ordered a pair from Zara and couldn't wait to burst into the streets looking ultra street-cool while being totally nonchalant about it. (See, people in the streets don't know that I refer to things as being "ultra street-cool" so my creds aren't revoked when I'm having an internal monologue.) 

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. If you scroll to a few of my leg-baring posts (here, here, for example), you might tell that these gams have some girth. So when I donned my britches, I was disappointed to discover that the pants didn't so much resemble "boyfriend jeans" as they were just ill-fitting. All in all, my legs were magically shortened and broadened in one go. 

Over the weekend, I discovered my long-abandoned boyfriend (jeans) just surreptitiously hanging out (see what I did there?) next to some high-waisted and butt-hugging CarMars in the back of my closet. As I stood there in my black bodysuit, I had to ask: to Catwoman or to just pick up groceries without revealing my superhero identity? 

In sum, if your legs aren't super long and you're not for the flooded jeans look, go grunge (it's a good thing) and wear them with a pair of high-top booties. The tops of the boots will hike up the legs of the jeans so that your pants don't look like hand-me-downs.




With all the characteristic architecture in San Francisco, it’s hard to resist lurking in building doorways especially when I’ve found one to match my outfit. (Did I hear an ‘AMEN’? No? What about an ‘I guess…’? Yeah? Close enough.)

To me, there is nothing classier or more interesting than a monochrome ensemble in varying shades of brown. This can range from creamy beige to autumnal rust to a toasty brown, with the color choice contingent on the season and/or occasion.  It’s a no-brainer for pairing and even when matched with different shades in its spectrum, the effect is not lost.



Anytime I need to throw some spice on an outfit, I pull on these leopard pants. They're my go-to lazy day cheat-wear cuz they're lightweight and such a comfortable loose fit which, combined, plays a key role in my basic right to happiness. 



Turtleneck sweater, similar / Leather mini skirt, similar / Zip booties, similar

Due to some recent compulsions with ridding my room of clutter, I've managed to clear out a good 70% of my wardrobe without preparing for the inevitable... Having no clothes*.
*less clothes

However, with the onset of sale season, I'm slowly starting to accumulate a more curated selection of basics and shopping with the mindset that quality transcends quantity. Zara's biannual sale has had me lured downtown more times than I care to admit these past few weeks and it's fruitless trying to avoid Nordstrom during the midst of their Anniversary Sale. I picked up a couple of these perforated leather slip-ons and have been breaking them in slowly so that they're comfortable enough for the innumerable distances I plan to walk when I visit China in the fall.



san francisco restaurant tea lounge

Zara button up denim shirt, similar here & here / Faded black denim jeans, similar here / Zara sandals, similar here & here

I'm gonna jump out of chronological order here and skip over Independence Day festivities to gush about my new favorite nook. My beloved little cranny. The chalk of my cognitive town. Samovar Tea Lounge.

Months ago, during one of my exhaustive Yelping sessions, I discovered Samovar. Since then, I've made a handful of reservations at the Yerba Buena Gardens location only to cancel at the last minute because of no reason whatsoever. 

Last week, a girlfriend of mine flew back from Michigan for a quick visit so I took it upon the both of us to finally commit. There's a quaint location in Hayes Valley about 15 minutes walking distance from my apartment so we braved wind and mist and trekked it. As we walked in, we were greeted with some pretty resounding yoga music and welcome warmth. Both plusses. From there, we took a cozy corner and decided on the Moorish Tea Service with Masala Chai and a plate of raw honeycomb with assorted cheeses and fruits. I'm no food critic so I'm just gonna let the fact that I returned four days later with my boyfriend in tow speak for itself. It's also been decided - with no objection from boyfriend - that this visit is to become a biweekly thing.

It is also important to mention -- as this is, first and foremost, a fashion blog -- that I wore the same outfit on both occasions.