on the road: kaua'i


a long weekend on a slow island
photos | tiffany wang

despite my ostensibly dismal headline immediately above, there was nothing dismal, long, or slow* about our stay.

(*except the speed limits, oy.)

view from our balcony at the sheraton kaua'i

view from our balcony at the sheraton kaua'i

prior to my recent trip to kaua'i, the last time i had set foot on any of the hawaiian islands was nine years ago.

nine. years

i mean, honestly. i'm in san francisco. 
i don't even live that far!

3:30pm HST

3:30pm HST

5:45pm HST (beverly in an ideal shower setting)

5:45pm HST (beverly in an ideal shower setting)

let's back it up.

ever since my last trip to oahu (mainly honolulu), i've had no desire to vacation in hawai'i.
with its tourist hoards - myself included - strips of new developments and luxury retailers popping up like stalagmites, 
i couldn't really be one with the island. you know, like really feel like i was in a tropical oasis the way i
anticipate when i retreat for some R&R. 
thus, onward and upward. plenty of places i haven't seen.

i know. you can't judge a person by their relatives. but in this case, i did.

kaua'i moves slow.
45mph on the highway slow.
shops closing at 7pm slow.
hotel bar cutting off at 9pm slow.

catch my drift?

as for our group - a handful of city mice - showing up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the first day, combing "nightlife" options after a day spent lounging and consuming various libations on a half-hourly basis.. um, well, that just wasn't to be had.

thankfully jet lag kicked in around midnight (hawaii time, 2am pacific) and we threw in the towel.  

the island had handed us the itinerary with words spare your livers, calm your minds in big bold print at the top of the page. what could we do but acquiesce? 

the tone was set for the remainder of the weekend.

an overcast na pali coast

an overcast na pali coast

post-hike, i was defeated. butt kicked and handed to me on a platter. i lost my appetite for a good 12 hours thereafter but not my will to eat. 

the remainder of the weekend was spent as the island had intended for us. maximum rest, relaxation - okay fine, some drinks - and a whole snorkeling debacle that had me pawing for the beach. (rem, if you ever see this post, please know i am eternally grateful for your rescuing me from potentially drowning while drunk snorkeling.)

on our last day, beverly and i, last to leave, stopped in at the koloa fish market. seemingly having gotten used to ordering for five, we thus ordered enough for five and stuffed our faces as a family of chickens kept close watch. though not typically one for confrontation, i took the rooster for a quick runaround to show him who's boss.

as a last hurrah, our cabby took us on a detour en route to the airport. though we weren't nearly ready to leave, we brought home a piece of kaua'i with us... leftover lau lau and ahi poke.

saturday, we embarked on what i affectionately refer to as the most treacherous hike of my life.
why? because it was the most treacherous and simultaneously the hike of my life and will remain
 as such because i have no intention of undertaking another hike as physically and mentally challenging. if there is one way to test your body's limits, then i suggest you head to the north shore and hike na pali coast up to hanakapi'ai falls. 
in the rain.
with stilettos.

(i did not hike in stilettos but i am also less durable than the average human so stilettos would
put us on par.)

we all fared okay, some better than others, but not without a couple of close calls. no one bit it harder than beverly (whose bruise level is banana) when she slipped on sludge and landed forcibly on her hip atop a rock. her bruise took full form later that night resembling a mini galaxy, five inches in diameter**. kind of impressive.

**photo evidence can and will be emailed upon request.

tres zen rock piles halfway up the hike

tres zen rock piles halfway up the hike


stay | sheraton kauai resort
eat | fish express ÷ la spezia ÷ koloa fish market

wrapped in mute, part I

it's currently 11:40pm and i am tucked neatly inside my comforter, space heater blasting. don't let the sunny skies in my photo fool you. these wind chills are relentless and slowly driving me up the wall.

this past weekend i abducted half of Mute by JL's Summer 2015 collection and took it for a rendezvous. suffice it to say i never want to let go. how many times have i professed my affinity for bulky, baggy attire on this blog? i haven't kept a tally so unabashedly, here it is again. 

...and so begins my lifelong love affair with these culottes

shirt & culottes | mute by jl  ÷  boots | ld tuttle  ÷  sunnies | karen walker

why so serious?

here's a question no one's asked before: 
why is it that the best ideas come in the middle of the night? 

last night as i lied in bed, i began drafting this entry in my head (i'm poetic by nature). i'd come up with a paragraph's worth of decent content before deciding to put a pin in it. i'd remember the bulk of it in the morning, i told myself, at which point i would expand on said decent content. 

i think we all know where this story is headed. 

May 5, Tuesday, 7:15am
cue me struggling to blink through sleep-shut eyes, contemplating the snooze button. my mind is cloudy; trying to determine events as dreams or reality. i remembered drifting off to an impressive arrangement of blog content - very exciting stuff. what did it entail...? IDK.

had i just bothered to roll to my left and input the data into my phone, i wouldn't be detailing the trivial goings-on of my obscure creation. but i hadn't. and not for naught.


jacket | isabel marant etoile
options here, here

turtleneck & jeans | zara
options here, here, here

sandals | renvy
options here, here, here

exactly a week ago, i'd slept over at a girlfriend's place. i'd been crashing and burning the week prior from coachella and had just beat the weeklong fatigue that follows it.
i was back on track.
that night, i tossed and turned. always on the brink of sleep but never fully.
the next morning i woke up with 10-lb eyelids and dark orbs under my eyes.
i shrugged it off and looked forward to a gratifying crash later that night.

no such luck.

a week later, i'm still struggling to fall asleep. and once asleep, to stay asleep.
i've spent each day with a ceaseless headache and ringing in my ears from 8a-11a.
the idea of insomnia has crossed my mind and you realize how easy it is to take life's simplest pleasures for granted. i.e., ability to sleep. (also i.e., bowel movements. foreal.) you never notice how essential these everyday functions are to your overall peace of mind until suddenly, you're lying awake in the middle of the night with heart palpitations wondering which direction you missed to Dreamland.

tonight is a new night. if more inspiring content wanders in, i'm inclined to let it go. screen activity is not conducive to my situation which is why i've deprived you today of what genius ideas i may have planned from the night before. 

brandishing aside any negative speculation about my physical state, i will play some ambient music, pop a couple of melatonin pills, and hope for the best.  


#BTS: Mute by Joanne Lu

last month i discovered two things: 
joanne lu and adobe photoshop.
it's not that i wasn't privy to the wonders of photoshop in the past, i just never took the time to investigate how to perform said wonders simply out of
pure dumbassedness.

since understanding how accessible photo "airbrushing" is (with lots of patience and if you're lucky, some anal retentiveness), i've carried out several self-portrait photo sessions just to practice my hand. i'll spare you the outcome - for now - but what i won't spare you are the results of these behind-the-scenes style shots i took while playing stylist (key grip?) on set of bobcutmag's editorial shoot for joanne's line, Mute.

in the spirit of giving credit where it's due, Mute is unisex creations, strong silhouettes, and unique classics. i also won't deny my asian pride in touting that joanne is a chinese designer operating out of san francisco. therefore, watch this space. you'll be seeing more of Mute sooner than later.

visit Mute by JL here
see BobCutMag shoot here