About 5 years ago I picked up an informal guest-writer position on a style news blog. I submitted four articles and bowed out because the lady who ran the blog turned out to be weirdly passive aggressive and I simply don't get down with that. Point being - of the four posts I'd written, one of them was about Jen Brill. 

Jen Brill, if you aren't acquainted, is.. well.. to be very open I'm still not entirely certain what it is she does exactly. But the reason for this post is to give props to the copious amounts of panache this woman possesses so who gives a shet. 

To me, JB is an eternal bad girl. From her questionable dating choices (TERRY RICHARDSON?) to the looks of downright dissatisfaction in 89% of photos she's in, I definitely get some scary-crazy vibes but in the way that's more "teach me your ways" than "what are you on..?" Her hair seems to never undergo more than a wash and a tousle (I can identify), her lips and nails are always painted red, and at first glance, she seems to only shop secondhand. Which isn't entirely untrue except that her thrifted goods are heavily curated and usually well-preserved designer. As effeminate as her wardrobe is, something about her is still undeniably androgynous. She's beautiful and threatening but not threateningly beautiful. 

I always admire a woman who carries herself with conviction. Her style is sometimes frumpy and loud but ever eccentric and unique. And who's gonna tell her otherwise?  To wit, she wore purple tights with red platform pumps..... and I'm not even mad (see last photo.



Isabel Marant Etoile Parka // Brandy Melville Denim Button-Up // Dirty Face Angels Slit Skirt & 'Mom' Necklace // Nike Roshe Run

Upon typing out the title to this post, it occurred to me that it only makes sense to investigate why this park/area/place is called Billy Goat Hill Park after I publish this entry.

What isn't pictured is a single rope swing hanging off an allegedly sturdy branch at the edge of a steep hill overlooking San Francisco. As phobic as I am of heights, I was unusually keen to give it a go. Unfortunately, I have no zero common sense and didn't consider that on what is considered a NICE day in San Francisco means that there will be at least 8 families and 32 couples at any given time of said nice day. Therefore, swing experience did not occur and I was relegated to take blog photos. Which, let's be honest, is what the intention to BGH Park was all about.



red nail polish nail art fashion style
red nail art midi rings

Opted for a cute twist on the classic red. 

1. Who is the genius that designed nail tape?
2. I promise I did not force a manicure on an 8-year-old boy and that these are, in fact, my hands.




zara women flowing trench coat
zara women clothing outerwear
zara women long trench coat wide leg trousers spring
zara women clothing style inspiration

Coat // Top
Photos by Jody Dandridge

As much as I enjoy seeing people sport a great trench coat, I always felt the fit and style was ill-matched for my propensity to spill things and wrinkle clothes almost as soon as I'm dressed. This particular trench makes me less self-conscious about my concerns as it's so sweeping and robust that I would have a hard time noticing anything awry much less anyone else. 

I want to mention something (mundane) about the wrinkling-clothes thing which is a detail I've been vigilant about since high school when I noticed that people are either clothes-wrinklers or they aren't - no official term made. I am a clothes-wrinkler. This, of course, is not my objective but is in fact something I can't help because of the way my body is shaped. I haven't gone as far as to classify which types of bodies make for clothes-wrinkling and which don't but I think I'm on to something here, guys. 



Photographer: Anthony Rogers

One print I've been seeing an eyeful of recently are fronds. Zara women's spring campaign has them scattered all over the place, Instagram is rife with closeups/macros (at least my feed), and here they are decorating my bum. I am certain these shorts will be in heavy rotation - weather permitting.

Also as of recent, I purchased my first pair of wedge sneakers. I've been on the fence about these since I first saw the style as the concept is considerably absurd yet people seem to pull them off rightly so. I was browsing Nordstrom's site and came upon these by MM6 Maison Martin Margiela and they more or less knocked me over the fence and onto the believers' side. 

However a pair of sneakers should not cost me anywhere near $600 so I opted for the adidas. After all, they are sneakers and I, with my sometimes-draggy-feet and always-violent-stomping will inevitably wear them down.



(all items c/o Forever 21)

Photographer: Anthony Rogers

The reason it's been two weeks since my last post is because I've been thinking of what to write. So it is to my embarrassment as I sit here staring unblinkingly at a picture of myself slightly slouched and seemingly prepared to expose my left breast, that I still have not decided on anything clever. 

Let's discuss the imminent. Festival season is approaching and with all that pretty music and intoxicating sunshine, we want to look very, very appropriate. So when some lovely people at Forever 21 gave me the opportunity to pick and style some festival-themed outfits, I said, "I'll think about it." No, I definitely did not say that because a) it's Forever 21, and b) see a.

Pictured above is an outfit I chose for festival season because of the following points:


1. For some reason fringe has become the common denominator in all things festival. I don't know why but I am on board. (Potentially a throwback/tribute to 70s hippie-festival era?)

2. Provides sun protection but is still light and breathable. If you don't want your skin to age prematurely (become leathery, grow sun spots), then it is a good idea to cover it up especially during extended periods of sun exposure. (Something I learned from being Asian.)

3. Wear your bathing suit underneath and transition readily into pool-party mode.




Photorapher: Anthony Rogers
Anorak, Nasty Gal (similar here)
Slip dress, Zara (similar here)
Strappy heels, Zara (similar here and here)

I can't recall how many anoraks I've squandered through over the years. Less committing than a trench and exuding just the right amount of carelessness, it's the one style item I've repeatedly purchased without hesitation. 

There is no right or wrong place to sport an anorak. It is adaptable and appropriate so long as the foundation of your outfit is resolute. Exhibit A: I wore an anorak to a nightclub over a bodycon dress and kept it on all night. As far as I'm concerned, no one batted an eye.