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on the road: bolinas, ca

after talking about it for months, jody and i finally took a winding, beautiful - albeit nauseating - drive to hike alamere falls trail.

there was no better day to escape the city than the day of bay to breakers, an annual footrace that takes place mid-may in san francisco. since the course falls right along my doorstep, we had to squeeze through throngs of the colorful, naked, drunk and bedraggled to reach our car. not a bad start to the day.

we'd been warned by everyone who'd gone to or heard of the trail to beware the poison ivy that lined the path.
common sense kicked in when we finally arrived at the trail to google an image of poison ivy but
as luck would have it, there is absolutely zilch phone service out in nature so we gave up and forged on.

to anyone who noticed that this post is missing images of the actual alamere falls... the truth is, we didn't make it.

although we didn't know we hadn't made it until i'd asked to see my friend's photos the following day of her visit and realized that alamere falls... was beach level.

we'd hiked two and a half hours to to alamere falls trail. 

we'd crouched through the dense, narrow, poison-ivy lined brushes and slid down the rocky hillside to the level right before the falls.

we'd laid down a blanket and spent an hour on the cliff overlooking the ocean reading Saveur and napping; relieved to have made it.

and we didn't. see. the falls.

regardless,  no complaints can be made about the scenes we saw both on the drive (excluding the nausea) and on the hike. 

the pacific coast is something we take for granted living city proper when a short drive 20 minutes north or south on highway 1 awards us with some of the most breathtaking ocean views i've seen anywhere.

to anyone planning to visit alamere falls, here are my suggestions:

  1. wear long pants and a light, hooded jacket.

  2. wear shoes with proper tread to navigate the climb.

  3. pack a picnic.

  4. bring a blanket.

  5. look out for a family walking llamas.

  6. climb down to the beach.

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